Doubters Need Not Apply

Do you ever go and see a job posting that seems like it would fit you so well, but at the bottom of the ad you realize you've been excluded before you ever applied? I've been rejected a lot in my life, and usually for things I can't change or don't know how to change. … Continue reading Doubters Need Not Apply



I think it is the unexpected things about God that are the best. Those moments when you aren't looking for something to be there, but you find things anyway. Those moments when He speaks to you so clearly that you can't deny it was Him. Some of those moments may not make sense, but they … Continue reading Unexpected

The Heart of the Matter

Heart conditions are a serious issue in the United States right now. There is constant research and advancement in the medical field, and much of it is targeted at preventing or treating a myriad of heart conditions. Anything related to the heart is treated as a serious matter, at least in the medical field. The … Continue reading The Heart of the Matter

The Ugly Side of Grace

Grace is one of those abstract concepts that can mean many different things. People use it to describe movement, they talk about how beautiful it is, and they even name their kids after it. If anyone reading this is named Grace, I still think it's a beautiful name (please don't be offended). But, how often … Continue reading The Ugly Side of Grace

To the one forgotten…..

To the one forgotten, I would like to apologize formally for the sins of the Christians. When you were "forgotten" and wound up uninvited to those parties, it was wrong. When you were "forgotten" and wound up being removed from the drama team at church, it was wrong. When you were "forgotten" and wound up … Continue reading To the one forgotten…..

Empty me…..

I often see people writing about how they want God to empty them and then refill them with whatever spiritual expression they are thinking of at that moment. That's not what I'm talking about. I'm empty. There is nothing left in me to give to anyone else. I have no energy, no sympathy, and no patience … Continue reading Empty me…..

Sheep like me…….

Anyone who has ever been to Sunday School as a child has probably heard the parable of the lost sheep. It is generally used as an allegory for a sinner being saved by grace, and thus returning to the "fold." However, I believe that there are several things shown in this story. Matthew chapter 18 … Continue reading Sheep like me…….