All of me…..

Sometimes in life we simply come to a point when we need to make a heartfelt plea. One out of love, rather than simple desperation. Instead of calling out in need, I feel as though I need to ask God to take me for His use and His purposes even when I am in a place of happiness in my life.

There is so much more to a relationship with Christ than a cry during a low point in life. He should be my Savior at all times, not only when I think I need a Savior. The truth is, I need one at all times. Everyone does, we just fail to realize it every once in a while.

So, instead of writing some sort of inspirational or preachy post, I am simply writing a plea. This is something I often do, but have decided to share with others now in the hopes that it will encourage someone.

Dear God,

I am simply who You created me to be. Perhaps I am not quite there yet, but it is what I hope to be. I need Your guidance and wisdom. I need You at all times, not simply when I encounter something hard in life.

So, I want You to take my heart and hold it close to Yours. Wherever that may take me, I am sure I will not be prepared. I depend on Your grace and I know you will guide me. You haven’t brought me this far to leave me here! I know that You have a purpose behind everything in my life and that You will use it to bring glory to Your name.

Help me to remember that I need You at all times. Help me to never forget that Your name is the one to which I should bring glory. Mold me into the me I should be. Take all of me! I know this is a lot to give, but I am nothing without You and Your purpose. You truly know what is best, though sometimes I may not see it or understand.

I know it is hard to give all of myself, and I may need reminders of why I am doing so, but I know that Your ways are unimaginably higher than mine. Take all of me, whatever that may be. Place Yourself at the center of everything that is me, so that I will be what You have created me to be.

With Love,



2 thoughts on “All of me…..

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